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Costa Banana Water Sports

Ζούμε το Πάντα Καλοκαίρι στο Πάντα Καλοκαίρι!

About Costa Banana

Costa is the coast, the beach, the power of nature and the power of the sea. Banana is the shape, the design, the taste, the colour, the flex, both flexible and rigid. Costa Banana is the exclusive party of experienced seafarers and navigators who are at ease with the waves and the know how of surf, and of all those who crave sea motorsports and roam the seas whenever they can…


The entire Greece is beautiful but we dropped anchors, many anchors, and we row here in Messinia: first in Lagouvardos, then in Mati (Golden Beach), in Barla, in Tsapi, in the big and small Marathi, in Kagianna, in the exotic Strofadia, the Floats, and of course in the unique multifaceted, asymmetric and labyrinthine wider landscape of Divari in Yialova – the best natural harbor refuge in southern Greece: the bay of Navarino or the Gulf of Pylos!!!

Equipment & Services

Boats, pedal boats with large slides, kayak, catamaran canoe, sup, personal watercrafts (jet-ski), rope-driven water skis, monoskis, wakeboards, inflatable devices (tubes-ringos), sea rides, snorkeling, etc.

We also provide underwater photography services and underwater works by divers.

Finally we expect the final approval for our floating platform, which will be the starting point of our sea recreational devices; it will be positioned at the centre of our sea corridor and will have a special access pier leading to the foreshore.

Life in the Area

Life in the area is pleasant with calm rhythms, and the people in our region are mainly engaged in agriculture, particularly in the cultivation of olive trees for the production of world-renowned extra virgin olive oil. In recent years, tourism has begun to soar due to the significant investment made and ongoing by Costa Navarino, specifically by the esteemed Konstantakopoulos family, whom we deeply thank from the bottom of our hearts for the good they have offered and continue to offer to this blessed place.

This entire endeavor has brought significant development to our region, and visitors, besides the abundant attractions and archaeological-historical sites, can enjoy amenities and products from businesses operating in Gialova, Pylos, Marathi, Methoni, and generally throughout the magnificent region of Messinia.


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History of Messinia

The history of Greece, the history of Messinia, is boundless and eternal; millions of volumes would still be insufficient to capture it all. Let’s mention some historical places and events related to Pylos, today’s municipality of Pylos-Nestor: The Palace of Nestor, built in the 13th century BCE by King Nestor, who is mentioned multiple times by Homer in the Iliad and the Odyssey, located in the area of Ancient Pylos.

Our SpeedBoat & Jet Ski School

Welcome to the Speedboat Academy of Costa Banana!Are you ready to explore the sensation of speed and freedom on the waves? At our Speedboat School, we offer you the opportunity to learn the secrets of speedboat driving from experienced instructors and to experience a unique maritime adventure.Our school offers specialized training programs for beginners to advanced students, designed to meet the needs of each individual. With professionally equipped boats and personalized instruction, we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable learning experience.Whether you’re new to the world of speedboats or looking to improve your skills, we’re here to help you achieve your goals on the water.Come join us today at our Speedboat School and experience the thrill of speed with us!


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